amal hamzad me mushkelat

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Friday, 18 November 2011


I would like to share one of my personal experience with all you. It shows not only during amal but also on completion he tries to get freedom from amil by the will of amil and all the hard work is spoiled.So it is is very necessary for amil to be in senses at all the time. 15 years before i did an amal for hamzad under instructions of my grand father, that amal was done in sun light, so I used to go a far away place so no one can disturb during amal and so I can do my amal with full concentration. Opposite to my expectations hamzad did not terrified me, nothing happened before me during my amal for hamzad. I was disappointed that my amal was not proving to be successful, and my grandfather always gave me instruction that this is also a veil of hamzad that neither he appears nor he terrifies amal so amal become desperate and stop doing amal. Any how i continued my amal and it was the finally my last day of amal e hamzad. i reached and started amal e hamzad, after some time i saw a shepherd with his sheep, i felt my self much depressed to see him as it became useless to come at a distant place for amal as i was disturbed during amal for hamzad. He was watching me very surprisingly, obviously he was thinking that i was doing some kind of amal, he sat near me. My amal was near completion i completed my amal,i was already desperate i started taking toll of that person because if somehow he knew that i was doing amal, why he disturbed me and so sad he sat very close to me. He began to explain me that when he saw me he understood that i was doing some kind of amal and i am some kind of spiritual scholar and he wanted i should teach him spirituality, i replied i am not a scholar of spirituality but i am just a student  i replied i am not a scholar of spirituality but i am just a student of spirituality but he insisted that i should tell him some kind of amal. At a lost resort he took his wooden rod in his hands and said to me, you can not leave from here untill yiu teach me some amal, i remembered the opinion of my grandfather that this amal is as an "AMAANAT" so i started pretending him said to him that he shoud come to me at home i will teach him as i had gotten many thoughts of being alone and at a for away place, but he insisted meanwhile i saw two men i ran towards them shouting, i heard many shouting voices of that shepherd behind me but i did not stop and continued running, when i got my senses i was astonished to see there was no shepherd and no two men. How i returned to my home is an other story, anyhow my hamzad was gone as i could not recognize him. The cause of narrating this incidence was only to explain how hamzad dodges in way that human mind gets sucked, how he create the realistic things, how much real looking scenes to get freedom.

Difficulties in completing amal

Capturing hamzad is not an easy task, twin angel tries his best to betry amil, he does many things to gain his goal, some times amil hears horrifying sounds, some time he observes terrifying incidence, all is illusion, nothing exists in reality., so that amil may not succeed and could not accomplish his amal. With full devotion, bravery, patience and consistency carry on your reciting s, even some times you complete the task of given days, he comes to you in some one else identity and doges you. But when amil gains success by making an agreement with Hamzad, then he is bound to abide the agreement so you are. This is the great quality of Hamzad that he does not deny the orders of aamil, even if he is not able to do the job he tries and tries, but never disappointing you. Hamzad is really a great blessing of Allah, and only the worthy people gain this power, so never feel dishearten when you see delay in success, with full devotion and belief in God carry on.